Yaeger Super-Brella Pin


Finally a Yaeger pin that is lockable in place!

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Unlike other Yaeger Tube Mounts, this one will not spin in place. A few twists of the T handle expands the width of the base to tighten inside the risers.

Please note, our Yaeger pin, while inspired by Cardellini’s Anderton pin, does not share the same dimensions or purpose. The Anderton pin fits in 1” diameter holes but does not fit in the risers for the Yaeger case cart. Our Yaeger pin is about 3/4″ at the base & only fits in the riser of the Caser cart.  this does not work with the yaeger pro.

This product page is for the 3/4″ umbrella version of the Yaeger pin, which only fits the Super Sportbrella. They have expanded their line with the Premier & Ultra models.  At this time, we do not make pins for those Sportbrellas.  Our Yaeger umbrella pin may fit other umbrellas if they have a 3/4” inner diameter post.  To use the umbrella pin on Sportbrella, you will have to remove the extension post.

Dimension of the Yaeger Pin Mount:

The umbrella pin is 9” high and weighs about 3lbs.


Here’s a VIDEO of the Sportbrella and the umbrella post in action.

Terms of the Yaeger Pins:

“Available on backorder” items will be available in 1-3 weeks.  See “Contact” for more details.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 6 in
Brella Pins

Super-brella pin stainless steel, Super-brella pin black oxide


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