My name is David Berryman, but everybody calls me “Clean”. I’ve been a camera assistant since 1995 and have always been excited by the gadgetry of it all.  I bought every bracket for every camera I could get my hands on from machinists secretly peddling their wares at the rental houses.  The one item that always escaped my grasp was the Ronford Baker Quick Release.  If you could find one for sale, it was $700!  The rental houses never had them because people would “borrow” them as a long term loaner and even pass them down to other assistants like a family heirloom!   By 2011 I had had enough of my quest for the elusive RBQ and started searching for a machinist to duplicate an RBQ for me.  I tried two different machinists who each wanted about $750 per unit with a 100 unit minimum order, plus research and development costs.  I was looking at $10,000 just so I could have my own RBQ!  Eventually, I hooked up with Sal Gonzalez of Cinematic Precision who was still working at Otto’s at the time but had some CNC machines in his garage and was looking for side work. Otto’s was generous enough to provide us with the blueprints for their version of the RBQ which Sal and I modified and branded as the Quick Release Base.  Backed by the camera assistant community, I was able to take 50 pre-orders over 6 months and raise enough capital to make our first batch of QRB’s in 2012.  Since then, I’ve expanded the product line of Clean’s Camera Support based on my own ideas as well as feedback from my fellow ac’s.  My goal is to provide the tools to make our camera assisting jobs a little easier.  I hope y’all find them useful.  Thanks for the support.

thanks to all of y’all’s orders, i’ve been able to “employ” more personnel.  my wifey, babs, will be helping pack & ship the orders.  of course i’ll still be around to answer any questions y’all have.  now i can concentrate on developing new products & reaching more people.

also, i’ve also “hired” my hound dog, little buddy, as head of security.   will work for treats.  good doggy, good deal.

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