Here are some other manufacturers making cool stuff.  If you know of any more, please share.  I’m a gadget nerd!

downloadable & writeable PDF’s of all your start work forms (I9, w4, EP, Cast & Crew, 600 rate cards, etc)

my machinist’s site.  more camera support parts including the cinetape mattebox slider, 90 degree mdr plate and alexa brackets

makes a cool HU3 knob guard, cinelock anti-twist cradles for 16×9’s as well as an mdr cheeseplate & tv logic teradek/battery back

great source for all your cable needs

my favorite:  their “on set bag.”  has a squared-off front pounch specifically designed to store the smart slate.  can do custom work as well

double clip clip-board for the back of your slate as well as rubber coated metal t marks & the dollymate

nobody likes working in the rain but these covers will keep yer gear dry

lots of cool products like the bunny box, mini cheese plate for alexa & cable spreaders

custom camera slates, engraved filter tags & case labels

molle system set bags.  modular, waterproof, durable

the macgiver of apple boxes

rain covers & pelican case lid inserts

modular case & bag organization system

steadicam quick swap system.  compatible with my H brackets & MDR dovetails

my favorite expendable store & it’s all b/c of Brenda.  she can get you my products as well

a treasure trove of film business websites.

brice reid & betty chow’s version of my spinner

awesome modular monitor bracket for RT hand unit. i will not be making a support bracket for this hand unit as this guy’s got it covered!

machine parts from ny

machine parts from the uk

stand brackets & more

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