‼️ color products, custom steadi posts & out of stock items must be pre-ordered by JUNE 8 for shipping on JUNE 29 ‼️   See all FAQs here.
‼️ color products, custom steadi posts & out of stock items must be pre-ordered by JUNE 8 for shipping on JUNE 29 ‼️   See all FAQs here.


Here are some other manufacturers making cool stuff.  If you know of any more, please share.  I’m a gadget nerd!


The original power assist system for your camera cart.  East coast operation.  

custom camera carts & cart accessories 

Euro carts and more

Power assist wheels based in Los Angeles.  Built by AC’s for AC’s.  

Jeff DaSilva’s custom camera carts & more in America’s hat, Canada

custom carts & cart accessories 

camera carts & cart accessories made in B.C. 

more camera carts from the Great White North

Organization solutions for cart troughs and more


My machinist’s site.  More camera support parts including the cinetape mattebox slider, 90 degree mdr plate and alexa brackets.

steadicam quick swap system.  compatible with my H brackets & MDR dovetails.

machine parts from a retired camera operator in ny

think filmtools but in europe.

Indian knockoffs of your favorite machined parts worldwide and more.

machined accessories for ronin and other gimbals

if you are looking for a cheap copy of my preston monitor bracket, here’s the place.  they’ve got that & more!

lightweight camera accessories, perfect to use with Steadicams and Motorized Gimbals

machined & printed camera accessories from mexico

p-tap voltmeter!  and a lot of other mostly red camera stuff

simple, stylish & effective.  safety that clipon matte box!

mini-mag caddy & more

machined odds & ends for cameras

these guys made the best bracket for the light ranger overlay & smallhd 13″ monitor.  other cool bracketry. 

tools & accessories for professional film & stage crew

home of the wedgie micro quick release system & the rush buster 

custom gizmos & cables handmade by a nerd for firsts, seconds, dits, ops & pretty much everybody else out there

preston MDR gold mount cage and diopter tray

Do you want to be able to pan,  tilt & spin while supported on the ground?  Now you can with the CamWok!

U.K. based engineering and manufacturing bespoke, customised cinema tools.

Double clip clip-board for the back of your slate as well as rubber coated metal t marks & the dollymate.

jerry hill’s steadicam accessory company

Home of the X-Plate.  Is it a quick release or is it a mitchel mount? YES

Ronin, Steadicam & more solutions

machine & electrical parts for all sorts of cameras 

Get your hands off that battery!  Pan the camera with this thing

Things you didn’t know you needed. Home of the CineSwing ™

Camera accessories and gadgets.  

Formerly Kar Wai Ng Film Accessories.  makes a cool HU3 knob guard, cinelock anti-twist cradles for 16×9’s as well as an mdr cheeseplate & tv logic teradek/battery back.

stand brackets & more

european film makers selling their products.

Bracketry for steadi, ronin, studio, remote heads & monitors.  A lot of fixes to all sorts of challenges

amazing machine parts from a camera assistant in the uk

mix of metal & 3d printed parts for carts, handsets, etc


molded plastic seats and more for c-stands as well as apple box mods

3D printed camera accessories including the matte box plug.  no more tape over the filters

3D printed port caps and more in New Orleans

home of the focus star that fits in your pouch.  a must have!

3D accessories for filming.  orders accepted. the pla filament used is made of corn starch 🌽 and is ♻️ biodegradable ♻️🌐

custom 3D printed camera accessories

3D printing for the film world

we specialize in filter tags and pelican case tags. not on our site, we’ll make it for you. made in the USA 🇺🇸

more camera tags from the northest of north america

adhesive vinyl camera labels camera dept aks and expendables handmade in philly

filter tags, labels, wood/leather works and everything what’s needed by folks in camdept. unique designs as you wish. shipping all across europe.

uk based clapperboards & more including the aye-max hinge to hang your slate magnetically

Slates made in New Orleans

designed gear for film crews.  made in japan

focus markers, slates & more from the EU

Custom camera slates, engraved filter tags & case labels.

3D print site that has a lot of camera parts.

Tags, slates and more.

Sprig is a minimalist cable management device for filmmakers.

nice Arri Hi-5 stand and more


custom made front boxes and the original camera carriage, now widely imitated 

The apple box, evolved.

H plate for mounting the camera

for those that use front boxes, this is the place.

don’t want to buy our aluminum wheel chock?  well how about a wooden one?  here ya go

the macgiver of apple boxes.


cushioned toppers for your apple box.  custom designs available

custom made organizers for film & tv.  case inserts, pouches & more

the thin and heavy duty tool pouch for the craft

set bags, pouches, shoulder pads, camera saddles, etc

The other Canada bag company.  my favorite:  their “on set bag.”  Has a squared-off front pouch specifically designed to store the smart slate.  can do custom work as well.

Protective covers for steadicam rigs and monitors

Soft pouches, cases, covers & more for your gear.

Nobody likes working in the rain but these covers will keep yer gear dry.

molle system set bags. modular, waterproof, durable.

neat little elastic organizers for your gear


This is the trailer to the feature film of me dotting t marks

Downloadable & writeable PDF’s of all your start work forms (I9, w4, EP, Cast & Crew, 600 rate cards, etc).

because we’ll cry if we don’t laugh our way thru this industry

my favorite expendable store & it’s all b/c of Brenda.  she can get you my products as well

app for iphones for lens data & more

mobile laptop case

German site for cables, brackets and the most important tool ever, the PL mount bottle opener!

practice your operator skills while nerding out on a computer game with the rexy wheels

stand alone wired or wireless full camera menu control

multiple camera connections using a single device

remote focus systems & motors compatible with preston

video game to practice focus pulling

You read it.  That’s what it is!

Maybe not a site for AC’s but i love their solution for motorizing geared polas.  Get your rental house or DP to buy!

Formerly Media Blackout.  great source for all your cable needs.

a treasure trove of more established film business websites.

Great site for Steadicam tips, tricks, gear review, etc.  

custom bnc cables and more.

custom sdi, preston, arri, sound, power & steadi cables